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APN Testimonials

"Kos Noon has been able to obtain supplies for our building at prices considerably less than the retail prices quoted by the suppliers we have used in the past. Because of these savings, even after paying Mr. Noori for his services, we still saved money.

In addition to the services he has provided for us, he has worked with several of our tenants to help them realize savings, organize records and make more efficient use of their space.

We will continue to use Mr. Noori's services in the future and highly recommend him."

- Stephen Edelman, Property Manager of Insignia Commercial Group Inc.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for doing such a stellar job handling our purchasing needs during the production of our new show.

You truly helped us out from top to bottom, finding the most competitive prices of top-quality items from carpeting to furniture, from office equipment to lighting. As we were on a fixed budget, your hard work and endless supervision made our job so much easier. We are so proud of the finished product, and our clients could not be happier.

I will give Access Purchasing Network the very highest recommendation to all my business acquaintances. Hiring you and your company is a financially smart idea and working with you personally is a pleasure. I look forward to continuing to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing I'm getting the best price and highest quality with your company."

- Andy Contreras, Production Manager of NBC

"First off, I want to say thank you for all of the solid work you put in over here at Form. Honestly, I don't know how you handle all of our requests that are always incredibly last minute. Somehow you find the time and always have the answer for us.

I just recently received back the office chairs that needed to be reupholstered, they look fabulous. When I told our designer how much we spent to have them done he asked for your number. You have saved us money in nearly every aspect of our company: computer equipment, vault supplies, stationery, electronics, even our weekly grocery shopping.

You have been a tremendous asset to our company and look forward to a long affluent relationship together."

- Amber Linder, Office Manager of Form

"We have been utilizing the wonderful services of Koz Noon and Access Purchasing Network for over 2 years now. Thanks to his efforts, we have saved significantly in various areas of our operations.

As we are a smaller company, 1 can highly recommend his services as he has obtained price levels that we could never have gotten for ourselves.

Koz is a great asset to our company and would be to anyone else as well. He is dedicated to providing excellent service and is a pleasure to work with too."

- James Ewing, Controller/Treasurer of Largo Entertainment

"I finally wanted to write you a note to thank you for all that you have done for Catch 23 in the last two years. When we began this operation in July of 2000, there were three of us and a big empty office. That office is now completely full and there are over 20 people working full time for Catch 23.

As we have grown our business you have been right there with us. You have provided us with valuable service and products such that I could not mention them all here. From furniture and computers all the way to blank videotape and the boxes they go in, you have served us greatly and saved us a lot of money in the process. The services that you provide for a young small company like ours are greater than just the cost savings on our purchases, it's also savings in administration time and effort on my part, freeing me to concentrate on other aspects of running this business. In fact, 1 has come to think of you as like an "additional employee" of Catch 23.

Thanks again for all your assistance in the past two years and 1 look forward to working with you in the future as well."

- James Ewing, Sr. Vice President, Finance, of Catch  23

"Kos Noori has worked with HKM Productions for the past year and during that time has been instrumental in negotiating purchases and contracts for our company. In addition, he is a courteous and friendly professional.

Kos consults with us on major computer purchases and negotiates deals with FedEx and AT&T Wireless, in addition to saving us money on the office supplies we purchase from him.

We are very pleased with the savings Kos provides us and I would highly recommend his services to others."

- Renee Krumweide, Office Manager

"I wanted to commend you and your staff on handling our office equipment needs in such an expedient and professional fashion.

On top of that, we feel very comfortable with the fact that you will find us the best price on whatever we need — anything from a headset to a filing cabinet.

I would recommend Access Purchasing Network to anyone who requires a knowledgeable and honest ''purchasing agent" for their office needs."

- Suzanne Benedict, of WaterView Advisors LLC


"Morphosis architects recently completed a tenant improvement project in which Kos Noori served as a consultant to the client.

The 6400 square foot space was designed and built out in less than 6 months. Kos orchestrated the difficult task of expediently acquiring building material, equipment, and furnishings, resulting in significant savings for the client.

In the end, we were all proud of our efforts. lt was a pleasure working with Kos."

- Patrick J. Tighe, Project Architect


"We have hired Mr. Noori and his firm on several separate occasions. Projects included construction (post-earthquake), office remodeling and upgrading, installation of PC and MAC networks, digital communications equipment, telephone systems, and cabling.

In addition, their purchasing resources and ability to negotiate and deliver a sundry of products continues to amaze us.

Needless to say, we will continue to utilize his services and turn to him first, saving money and valuable time."

- Mark D. Slagle, V.P. & General Manger, of American Agencies


"Reading this let ter could saw you a lot of money as it did us. Kos Noori from The Purchasing Advantage has been consulting with our company for six months. He has generated enough savings for our new organization to become a profit center.

flyou would like further explanation, or have questions regarding Kos, please feel free to call anytime.

It IS our pleitStIle to 11('11) secure work for a dedicated professional."

- Ray Jacobs, Sr. Executive Vice President/Creative Director, of Friedland Jacobs Communications


"We have been very pleased with the services of your company in supplying us with office supplies. The rates have been well below market and the service has been exceptional. We look forward to a continued and lasting relationship."
- Terrence J. Their, President, of Tonawanda Pictures


"I have worked with Access. Purchasing Network (APN) to drive down our cost for various supplies, Their efforts have successfully generated meaningful savings in several supply categories.

Based on this I will utilize them in the future and can recommend their service."

- Ron Bolding, Director, Materials Management, of Wattshealth Systems, Inc. 


"I am writing to thank you for all that you have given Cosmo Street this past year. From security systems to sofas, you made the opening of our New York office happen--and you made it a success! You go far beyond getting us the best price, you get us out of jams and you do it with a smile. When you say you will take care of something, I can relax and know that it will be done.

If you ever need a recommendation, please let me know. I'll talk their ear off."

- Kirstin Lombardi, Controller, of Cosmo


"APN has been a huge help to us in getting our business started. They helped us make the sometimes awkward, often-times frustrating transition from a home office to a fully functional leased out space, easy and cost-effective, assisting in the purchase of everything from Dell computers to liquid paper - no order seemed too big or small. We will continue to utilize them in the future to help build our business and leverage their impressive buying power — something few startup companies can tap into. We would strongly recommend APN for purchasing requirements across the board. The staff is helpful and full of hustle and humor, making any transaction a pleasure — even when squeezed by critical deadlines. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship and are happy to evangelize for their quality service."
- Kristin Haber, Co-founder, of Point-Click-Purchase 


"I have hired Mr, Noori on several occasions to purchase products and services for our company.

Mr. Noori is extremely resourceful, experienced and has always managed to generate considerable savings for our company and Its various entities.

I highly recommend Mr. Moor!, and plan on using his services for our future needs."

- Sheri Slagle, President, of American Agencies 


"Access Purchasing Network has been our office supply administrator since 1999. Their responsibilities extend far beyond normal supply centers. Their responsibilities include searching for the best prices, and queries for the best computer hardware and networking needs.

Access Purchasing Network possesses the unique business quality that is hard to find in today's market. We have dealt with several other office supply companies, and their promised savings on computers and other business-related materials have not been consistent. However, through Access Purchasing Network, the savings have been interminable. Throughout 1999, 2000 & 2001, we save approximately 35 percent on office supplies, furniture, computers, fax machine, etc.

Coz, who I feel is a good honest businessman will do what he can to save his clients money. These attributes in and of themselves would make Access Purchasing Network a good source for any business owner. It is therefore with the highest level of confidence and enthusiasm that I recommend Access Purchasing Network to any business in this state. If anyone would care to discuss any of these issues on a personal level, please feel free to do so at any time."
- Jack An, Office Administrator, of Roxborough, Pomerance & Nye LLP


"From phone systems to furniture, office materials to computers, computer hardware and software, server hubs, cables and recordable digital media, APN has provided us with everything we've needed to get our business up and running. APN has been absolutely dedicated to finding the best possible sources and prices for us."
- John Lyons, CEO Strategic Intergration Inc. 


"Kos Noori is a very good negotiator and has saved the company thousands of dollars due to his extraordinary skills. It's beyond my imagination, the amount of money Kos has saved our company!" *(Reducing operating expenses by over 62% within first year.)
- Dave Sejpal, CEO, and Douglas Periora, CFO, of Clothestime 

"APN has been able to obtain supplies for your company at prices considerably less than prices quoted by the suppliers we have used in the past. Because of the savings, even after paying them for their services, we still saved money. We will continue to use APN's services in the future and highly recommend them."
- Stephen Edelman, Property Manager at Insignia Commercial Group, Burbank

"I would definitely recommend Access Purchasing Network to my friends and associates. Not only is it a pleasure to do business with you, but I have the greatest confidence in your ability to find us the best equipment at the lowest prices."
- James L. Conway, Executive Vice President at Spelling Television, Inc.